Published: 26th Jul 2017

‘This has to be the time for the social sector not just to tick the boxes but to think big.’ So says Charles Leadbeater in the opening essay of New Philanthropy Capital’s new series from the sector’s boldest voices. The charity commissioned 16 essays from innovative leaders in the social sector as part of its State of the Sector programme. Called Flipping the Narrative: essays on transformation from the sector’s boldest voices, the series covers new ideas on strategy and governance, relationships with the public and the state, and new networks and resources. Leadbeater, an innovation consultant, introduces the series of essays by setting out four ways in which the social sector can help guide communities through times of upheaval. ‘We have to show people there is a way out of the mess we find ourselves in’, he writes. Pat McArdle, chief executive of the Mayday Trust makes the case … (To read the full article, subscribe below)