It’s time for a ‘massive small’ approach to places

The solution to ‘wicked issues’ is not a new big idea but massive small change, says Julian Dobson One book I was particularly pleased to receive this year was The Radical Incrementalist, Kelvin Campbell and Rob Cowan’s urban manifesto and pattern book. It’s a call to open up the space for ground-up, incremental, experimental approaches to urban design and planning. The problem with the system, they argue, is not that it’s broken: it’s the fact that people imagine there are big, systemic solutions for our urban problems. And that bigness, they say, will inevitably fail. The solution is not a new big idea but ‘massive small change’. It’s a well-argued case, backed by examples from cities across the world, from Caracas to Mumbai. And it’s a case that sits well with a belief in localism and genuinely empowered communities. But it’s only one side of the coin. Over three decades … (To read more, subscribe below)

Julian Dobson

Julian Dobson is founder of Urban Pollinators

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