Published: 27th Apr 2011

Giving local communities they tools they need to thrive is something which many of us have championed for a number of years. In my previous column, I discussed the benefits which enterprise zones can bring to areas of the country needing regeneration. Similarly, I have also touched upon the merits of a new system for business rates, which will offer localities a financial incentive to encourage economic growth in their area. This approach is something which the think tank Localis championed at its report launch last month. However, local authorities also need a mechanism to allow them to fund substantial infrastructure projects – key to regeneration, jobs and moving the economy forward. No doubt PFI (public finance initiative) immediately comes to mind when considering a mechanism for this.  However, PFI has become heavily discredited due to the mismanagement of it by the previous Labour government. A campaign to urge PFI … (To read the full article, subscribe below)