Published: 21st Jul 2016

It’s not only banks or governments that have the power to create money. The rise of currencies such as the Brixton and Bristol Pounds, or Bitcoin, show us this. The aim is always to connect different kinds of supply – products or services – with unmet needs. Our currency, called Spice Time Credits, is based on time. For every hour a person gives to a service or organisation they earn one printed time credit. They can then spend that on an equivalent hour’s activity in that organisation or at participating voluntary sector partners, private businesses or leisure centres. We count local theatres and large venues such as Blackpool Tower and the Millennium Centre in Cardiff among our spend network of over 700 venues. We have printed almost half a million time credits across our 33 projects in England and Wales. Spice Time Credits have been used by over 25,000 people … (To read the full article, subscribe below)