Published: 17th Feb 2011

What could cause such a fuss, you might wonder, that would result in 400,000 people, including the likes of the Archbishop of Canterbury, the National Trust and Dame Judi Dench to campaign so vociferously?  What would lead The Daily Telegraph to say they’re a national treasure that must be saved and the BBC to question why we’re a nation of tree-huggers? You’ve guessed it: the government’s plans to consult with us on selling off large swathes of our nation’s forestry. Forgive me, but it didn’t take very long for this heated debate to turn into a full-blown forest fire. Defra said the plans to transfer ownership of huge swathes of our woodlands are part of a move from Big Government to Big Society, to allow those who are most involved in England’s woodlands to play a much greater role in their management. The campaigning public disagreed. A YouGov poll indicated … (To read the full article, subscribe below)