Published: 2nd Oct 2009

At the end of Scarborough’s Vincent Pier is a sculpture, the Diving Belle. Commissioned by the town’s Civic Trust, it stands prominently at the entrance to the harbour and is illuminated at night. Some people hate it. For some, like Nick Taylor, who manages the town’s renaissance programme, it’s a welcome sign of a new civic pride and the metamorphosis of Scarborough from mediocre, down at heel has-been to a lively, enterprising town that celebrates creativity and is a hub for creative businesses. Others in the arts world see the Diving Belle as an example of that safe mediocrity that so appals them. Nick Taylor’s description of Scarborough’s revival and the understanding of place and possibility that lay behind it lit the touchpaper for a debate about the role of arts and creativity that had been simmering throughout the first day of the Yorkshire Expedition. This debate bubbled into life … (To read the full article, subscribe below)