Published: 28th Mar 2012

Our latest Bright Idea comes from Gavin Barker via New Start’s Linkedin group: independently monitored wellbeing barometers to hold local authorities and LEPs to account I want to pick up on the questions posed by Neil McInroy in his blog ‘what is the point of economic localism if it can’t tackle unemployment or link economic activity with social need?’. And in his previous blog post ‘Can localism give a helping hand to the poorest’, he suggests the localist agenda offers ‘greater local powers to build an alternative economic vision, which is freed from economic growth orthodoxies’ one which allowed us to think about ‘[how] the local economy works in relation to better environmental, health and social outcomes’. Having worked for a local authority for eight years, my feeling is that it is very difficult to provoke new thinking without a massive ‘nudge’ from the outside. At the moment local authorities … (To read the full article, subscribe below)