Published: 23rd Mar 2011

Like most others with a passing interest in placemaking residing in a London postcode, I spent a couple of hours last week listening to the rather animated thoughts of academic Ed Glaeser, who ran the gamut of think tanks and even a packed out LSE lecture theatre in the name of launching his book The Triumph of the City.  Unusually for the latest author to namedrop (even Boris Johnson is a fan, we were told), Glaeser hails from the somewhat drab intellectual backwater of local government studies. It was interesting to hear Glaeser hold forth on both his signature argument (that we shouldn’t ‘throw good money after bad’ in trying to revive failing and shrinking cities but instead help their inhabitants) but also, in response to one audience question, where he diverges from his fellow urban policy guru Richard Florida. Florida, as you may recall, pitched up on these shores … (To read the full article, subscribe below)