Published: 9th Oct 2014

As volunteer-led community-based organisations, you may think it would be all too common for local authorities to underestimate, or even be slightly wary of, Community Land Trusts (CLTs) operating in their area. They are not, after all, your typical go-to partner for the provision of affordable housing. But this is not so. A growing cohort of local authorities are making the bold and rewarding move of reaching out and supporting CLTs as a means of meeting their own strategic objectives. CLTs are democratic and non-for-profit developers of land, housing and other assets for the common good. CLTs seek to ensure that affordable housing built today remains affordable well into the future. CLTs are also a means by which ordinary people of all backgrounds can assert their right to shape the future of the places where they live, from the hamlet to the global city. There are now 170 CLTs across … (To read the full article, subscribe below)