Published: 24th Sep 2012

The search is on to identify stimulating localities and places where actors are introducing new sets of entrepreneurial synergies. Where are these places and more importantly what networks of actors are leading entrepreneurial endeavours? Mobilising an ‘enterprise surge’ has become the leitmotif of contemporary spatial interventions and state-sponsored economic development strategies promoted across diverse international settings. Across the global economy in Africa, Asia and Latin America, many communities are forging their own ‘bottom up’ interventions sensitive to the particularities, opportunities and impediments associated with specific places. The ‘new’ Africa, for example, is riding a wave of investment in infrastructure and new models of governance, management and development. Mobile technology is creating new opportunities for the growth of the private sector and their role in the governance of places. Meanwhile, in China, the search is on for novel approaches to city planning that embrace the rapidity of urban change in more … (To read the full article, subscribe below)