Published: 17th Jun 2011

The localism bill, once enacted, will introduce neighbourhood development plans and neighbourhood development orders as new types of planning policy tools. We just soft launched an evolving Rough Guide to Neighbourhood Planning & Vitality (Beta). There are many unanswered questions in this changing landscape. However, we made a start and hope that it’ll ignite debate and provides practical ideas for those that need to get on with it. WHAT IS IT? The Rough Guide is an evolving storyboard that tries to make sense of the emerging new neighbourhood planning world. The Rough Guide might be helpful by: Clarifying some of the key challenges ahead Breaking the journey down into 6 stages Providing ideas for a more enjoyable journey Posing some key guiding questions Arming you with ample travel tips for the journey Giving stories from other neighbourhoods’ travel experiences WHY ANOTHER GUIDE? The Rough Guide idea started as a pet … (To read the full article, subscribe below)