Published: 11th Dec 2012

Many social housing tenants look upon the ‘new’ with a degree of cynicism. We are constantly told that we are about to be regenerated…not like Doctor Who though, we probably would all be in favour of that! Regeneration is defined as ‘something renewed without its previous defects’. This is not the usual definition offered up to social housing tenants when the greed machine rolls up on their doorstep. Would those defects be the architecture or the people living within the walls of the, often less fashionable now, brutalist estates that were so very popular with the local authorities in the seventies? ‘Moral and spiritual rebirth’. Another definition that appears to be missing from the glossy brochures when trying to convince tenants to vote for a scheme that often means they will lose their home (brutal or not, it’s still a home!). A truly delightful picture, often taken at a strange … (To read the full article, subscribe below)