Published: 4th Mar 2011

The presence of absence. I have always liked that phrase. The memory of past experiences, the connection to a past I have never lived in, the loss felt when friends leave to go home. Absence is felt when you feel, when you live. My art teacher in school was a potter. He loved the idea of making something out of nothing. Somedays, I feel that there is a lot of talk about creating nothing from nothing. Somedays, it feels that absence is the dominant presence. Recently, I have been involved in a piece of research on ‘Delivering Better Places’. It is a collaboration between the Scottish Centre for Regeneration, A+DS, and RICS. The research, carried out by University of Glasgow, sought to understand why some places build better places for people. The work was not about how these places look. It was about the thinking behind the creation of the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)