Published: 7th Sep 2020

Sade Joseph, CT Consultant at Campbell Ticket discusses the importance of having a Company Secretary within an organisation. Strong governance has far-reaching benefits for all businesses, including better strategic outcomes, business growth and sustainability. Governance is integral to the success of every business in an increasingly complex world, particularly post the COVID-19. Here, we discuss why Company Secretaries (and other governance professionals) have an invaluable and unique role to play in establishing sound governance. While some Company Secretaries are given the prominence and gravitas the role deserves, too often the value of their presence is not fully recognised or used. It is easy, and to some extent understandable, to fall into the trap of thinking that the role is purely administrative: after all, the term ‘secretary’ is commonly, even if erroneously, often understood to denote a relatively junior or ‘unskilled’ role. In addition, the complexity and importance of governance itself … (To read the full article, subscribe below)