Published: 26th Jan 2011

Jon Farquhar Simpkin outlines his vision for a new breed of cooperative Although I like the ideology of employees owning the company, this is not always practical, especially in the modern world where cooperatives have to compete in a tough free market environment. If cooperatives want to attract investment and be able to compete against mainstream businesses then they need to adapt. Cooperatives have to compete against private business, and since the cooperative movement began, private business has come out on top. It is time to bring cooperatives into the 21st century so they can compete and win, and at the same time keep their philosophy of providing better working conditions and better wages. The time has come for a hybrid cooperative. A hybrid cooperative is a business model that the Isaan Cushion Company is pioneering to the world. It takes influence from the cooperative model but also from the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)