Published: 14th Mar 2019

Every year, many people are deported back to the UK at the end of their sentence in prison overseas – often they have lived abroad for a number of years, sometimes decades, and arrive with nothing; no money, nowhere to sleep and very often no family or friends to call on for help. Our caseworkers at Prisoners Abroad support prisoners during their incarceration, and then prepare them for their return to the UK when they are approaching release. We send information to help them prepare and a needs questionnaire is sent. Then our Resettlement team based in our office in Finsbury Park work closely with each person who needs our support once they have returned to the UK. People returning to the UK from prison overseas are at great risk of street homelessness and destitution. Our Resettlement Service at Prisoners Abroad helps them to access accommodation, first of all temporary … (To read the full article, subscribe below)