Published: 12th Oct 2015

In August, Collaborate asked Ipsos MORI to survey 1,000 UK adults about their perceptions of public service delivery, and about their expectations of government. The results told us that only 15% of the public feel their preferences are usually listened to by public service providers. Only 21% of the public feels that public service providers regularly understand their needs; and only 13% of people feel regularly involved in decision about their services they receive. When asked about being treated with dignity and respect by service providers, three quarters (76%) said it was just as important as the end-service being delivered. What should we make of these figures? People value quality relationships; they want them to be a core part of public services; but many aren’t experiencing these quality relationships with service providers enough of the time. This is the Groucho Marx challenge for public services: to paraphrase: ‘I’ve had a good experience… but this wasn’t it.’ … (To read the full article, subscribe below)