Published: 12th Mar 2012

The ‘Global Entrepreneurship Congress’ is in in Liverpool this week. Five thousand entrepreneurs, nascent and incumbent, striving and successful, will gather for a multi-day programme of evangelising and eulogising the process of creating, shaping and sustaining ‘the firm’. I’m finding it hard to get excited by it. The right to host the congress no doubt cost a small fortune and Liverpool has also allegedly paid a sum in excess of £200,000 to have Richard Branson attend as entrepreneur-in-chief. In return he paid the city a compliment by calling it the ‘global capital for enterprise’. For several weeks Branson’s perma-smile has beamed from banners on lamp-posts across parts of the city encouraging Liverpool to choose the path of the entrepreneur. He did and he’s ‘loving it!’ I bet he is! In hosting the Global Entrepreneurship Congress Liverpool will benefit from the visitor spend and it may receive a temporary boost to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)