Published: 18th Oct 2012

ACE stands for Adverse Childhood Experience and you are going to hear much more about it over the coming years. While there has been surprisingly little work on ACE so far in in the UK, the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC) and Kaiser Permanente have been studying ACE over the past 14 years and come to some remarkable conclusions.  ACE may radically change the way we think about public investment for the prevention of both chronic disease and crime prevention. The list of Adverse Childhood Experiences has been compiled from evidence based research analysis of factors known to cause ‘toxic stress’ in children which affects their cognitive and emotional development. This in turn affects their lifestyles and behaviour in adult life and ultimately their risk of both early death and crime and anti-social behaviour. The list includes having a parent with a significant mental health, alcohol or drugs problem, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)