Ten ideas for creating systemic change

Changing systems isn’t easy but it starts with small steps. Here’s ten ways in which you can help create change in a community near you now: 1. Develop person-centred integrated approaches Taking care of ourselves, looking out for one another and using coordinated public services to fill the gaps is the essence of co-production. In Enschede in the Netherlands, the Social GP Programme (also called the Neighbourhood Coach Project) trains local people, working on behalf of about 25 different services, to inform and support people with a range of needs e.g. health, housing, income, education and employment, in order to help them to improve their life chances. The Black Pastors network in Wandsworth has trained local pastors to help detect early signs of mental health issues among their congregation. Co-production is not simply an excuse to cut costs but a way to bring greater diversity into systems of care. 2. … (To read more, subscribe below)

Ela Hunter

Ela Hunter is a freelance journalist

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