Published: 23rd Oct 2015

Ofsted picks up a lot of flak from hard-pressed headteachers. If you’ve been close to a school as I have when the postman delivers the news of an imminent inspection, you’ll know that it’s rarely a welcome visit. Years ago, as chairman of governors of a rural Norfolk primary school, staff gasped when I arranged for the inspector to walk down the road to my office to interview me as part of an inspection. I guess I’ve always challenged the status quo! But Sir Michael Wilshaw’s most recent broadside was aimed not at schools, but the apprenticeship sector. And as one would expect from a man raised a postman’s son in gritty South London, it pulls no punches. ‘The rise in poor quality courses has devalued the apprentice brand,’ it says. More importantly perhaps, the report rightly points out that smaller employers are often put off by the ‘fear of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)