Published: 30th Sep 2020

Safeguarding people’s living standards, re-evaluating the role of key workers, and reducing racial and social inequality are crucial for the UK’s post-pandemic recovery, according to a leading group of academics. The academics have contributed to a new series of thought pieces released by the University of Manchester, which identifies 13 key themes spread over five overarching subjects. On the subject of economic recovery, Professor Bart van Ark, managing director of the newly-founded Productivity Institute at Alliance Manchester Business School, said: ‘ First, we need to limit the number of job losses as a direct result of the crisis and then we need to find a path to economic recovery that creates new jobs and raises their incomes.’ The lecture series sees world-renowned experts offer thought leadership and suggestions on how the global response to COVID-19 could also act as a catalyst to combat other major challenges.   Some of the ideas are … (To read the full article, subscribe below)