Published: 21st Feb 2011

Japan’s rapidly ageing population demands new approaches in its cities. Patsy Dell and Sarah Longlands look at a development that’s grappling with the issue Japan has the fastest ageing community in the world. Although the UK’s population is not ageing as fast, we are heading in the same direction and the lessons from Japan are worth looking at to see if there is anything we can translate to the UK. The average Japanese lifespan is now 82 and 23% of the population is currently over 65 – compared to an under 16 population of around 16%. By 2030 the government predicts that the over 65s will amount to 32% of the population, rising to 41% by 2050. The ‘age shokku’, or age problem, is due to increasing longevity and changes in Japanese society; primarily fewer people marrying and decreasing numbers having children. At the same time there are growing problems … (To read the full article, subscribe below)