Published: 16th Aug 2019

The London Borough of Sutton has completed its first programme of new council house building for 30 years. In total, Sutton has built 93 new homes. 15 houses were finished in October last year, and now 21 new houses and 57 new flats are ready for people to move in to. Councils have been freed up to borrow more to build homes since April after the government removed a cap on borrowing limits for housing. The council also used money raised from right-to-buy sales, and the balance will be repaid from future rental income from the properties, which they say means that there is no impact on council tax. Jayne McCoy, deputy leader of Sutton Council and chair of the housing, economy & business committee said: ‘Our key objective has been to focus on quality for these new homes, as we believe that all our residents deserve a good-quality place … (To read the full article, subscribe below)