Published: 24th Aug 2018

A poll of council transport heads, conducted by the Local Government Association (LGA), has revealed the main barrier preventing councils from investing more in sustainable travel was a lack of revenue funding (87%  for cycling/walking and 82% for public transport). The poll also credited uncertainty over levels of funding (74% for cycling/walking and 79% for public transport) and a lack of capital funding (68% for cycling/walking and for public transport) for poor levels of investment into sustainable travel. However, the survey reported the overwhelming majority have introduced 20mph zones, provided secure cycle parking and/or changing facilities, promoted cycling or and/or walking through schools and included sustainable travel within their Health and Wellbeing Strategy. The LGA says that by 2020, local authorities will have faced a reduction to core funding from the Government of nearly £16bn since 2010. They estimate that councils in England face a funding gap of almost £8bn … (To read the full article, subscribe below)