Published: 28th Jun 2012

In 2008, in partnership with Procurement for Housing, we completed a research project looking at the extent of sustainable procurement in the social housing sector. The clear message coming through then was that registered providers were ‘working towards’ sustainable procurement. It was predominantly seen as an aspirational goal and ‘tomorrow’s challenge’. Policies were being established to demonstrate registered providers’ commitment to sustainability covering the triple bottom line (TBL): environmental, economic and social issues. These issues, more commonly referred to as planet, profit and people, represented a major challenge for buyers in the sector. While there was drive, vision and engagement with the ethos and aim of sustainable procurement, social landlords told us of the complex challenges: costs, contradictory dimensions of the TBL and the inherent difficulties of turning policy into action. It was clear… tomorrow’s challenge was tough. Fast forward four years to 2012 and we have just completed another … (To read the full article, subscribe below)