Published: 27th Apr 2021

More than half of people who live in urban areas and city centres are considering moving to a different location, as a result of the pandemic, according to a new survey. The survey by professional services company GHD found 51% of people in urban areas and city centres said they were considering moving home, compared to 48% of those living in suburban areas. It also found more than a third (34%) of people anticipate an increase in home working following the pandemic – of these, 51% previously did not work at home at all before Covid-19. And the proportion of shopping done online in the UK expected to increase from 30% pre-pandemic to 46% going forward. ‘At the beginning of 2021, some large cities experienced dips in population, demonstrating the extent to which changing work practices, and the prevalence of online shopping, are increasingly making location a choice for some, since proximity to workplaces and physical shops is now less of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)