Published: 10th Oct 2019

Student Co‑op Homes has launched a community share offer to build a co‑op student housing market in the UK and cultivate the next generation of co‑operators.  Student co-ops are homes owned by student housing co-operatives and supporters and are established to promote, enable and up-scale student housing. According to the umbrella organisation Student Co-op Homes, the student housing market is currently failing to provide affordable homes for students, rents are rising and student’s wellbeings are suffering as a result. The main advantage of a student co-op is that the rent is only used to cover the costs of the co-op itself, such as mortgage repayment, council tax or repairs. This, in turn, keeps the rent affordable and prevents it from being raised for private gain. New student housing co-ops are forming, but Student Co-op Houses says they are struggling to find properties in a highly competitive market. To help tackle … (To read the full article, subscribe below)