Published: 11th Nov 2014

Stephen Hewitt: He was ‘universally admired for his straightforwardness and integrity’. Photo: Mike Starr When I started writing for New Start in 2005 my column was about the biggest Single Regeneration Budget scheme and neighbourhood management pilot in the south west of England. For three years I exposed the inner workings and idiosyncrasies of Hartcliffe and Withywood Community Partnership (HWCP) in Bristol and any reader will have noticed how much everything revolved around ‘the boss’. The boss was Stephen Hewitt, who died from cancer on 24th of October 2014 aged 56. He worked his whole life in regeneration and public health on a local and national level. The loss is enormous and is felt around the country. There is a tendency in obituaries to make a person sound perfect. I think this is to strip them of their humanity and gives lie to the truth of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)