Every town has a regeneration site that remains dormant for years and sometime decades, despite the best efforts of all concerned. Announcements come and go, but for a multitude of reasons, the site remains derelict and a living testament to what could-have-been. In the coastal town of Worthing that site is called Teville Gate and as a former local newspaper reporter, it is not exaggeration to say it has had more false starts than the Grand National. It also has the somewhat dubious honour and being the first thing visitors see when they arrive in Worthing, as it is adjacent to both the town’s railway station and the A24. Teville Gate has a long and sometimes tortuous history, but the site’s current owners, Mosaique, believe they have come up with a plan which will not only rejuvenate the site, but also act as a catalyst for further investment in the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)

Jamie Hailstone

Senior reporter – NewStart