Published: 5th Jun 2011

I’m in the process of changing my car. The recent arrival of two wind turbines, some low energy light bulbs and smarter heating controls have turned me green. Add 16 tonnes of firewood plus the planned purchase of a second woodburner and the picture is almost complete. Apart that is from the car. You see four years ago a particularly profitable year coincided with an urge to revert to type. My Essex genes conspired to make a 4×4 the car of my dreams. I stopped short of a bling-laden Range Rover, and bought a black Nissan X Trail instead. Leather seats, lots of buttons to press and an ability to take short cuts through the bushes when leaving shopping mall car-parks was for a while urban automotive bliss. Seven tonnes of CO2 emissions later I’ve decided to grow up. A hybrid car was the obvious solution, charged up by my … (To read the full article, subscribe below)