Published: 7th Apr 2021

Residents on a Southwark Council estate have voted in favour of demolishing four tower blocks. Following an independent ballot run by Open Communities, 86% of the residents on the Ledbury Towers estate voted said yes to the redevelopment option. The proposal that was put forward to the residents was that all four of the towers will be demolished in phases, starting with Bromyard House, and replaced with new homes. The new homes will not be built all at once, but in phases and each phase will take around two years to build. Turnout was 56% of the eligible voters, including residents who have moved from the towers who have the right to return. The turnout was 77% from the residents who still live in the towers. After new homes are built to replace the council homes in the towers that are demolished, half of any extra homes built will be … (To read the full article, subscribe below)