Published: 14th Jan 2020

An alliance of businesses and local authorities in the South West have published a prospectus, which aims to boost the regional economy by £45bn. The Great South West prospectus sets out how, with Government support, the region can be a testbed for a greener, more prosperous economy. It specifically calls on the government to formally recognise the Great South West as a growth alliance aimed at rebalancing the UK economy, with an identified minister for the region. It also calls on the government to invest £2m over three years to build a business case for investment across a range of projects. It also wants ministers to create a Great South West Tourism Zone to help the industry become more productive, sustainable and adaptable and develop a Rural Productivity Deal, in order to address the specific needs of the rural economy. The Great South West prospectus will be formally submitted to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)