Published: 15th Sep 2020

Social mobility in England is a ‘postcode lottery’ according to a new report and those from disadvantaged backgrounds have little chance of making a better life for themselves in ‘cold spots’ around the country. The report by the Social Mobility Commission names the local areas which it believes offer the best and worst in terms of opportunities and social mobility. It says there are large differences across areas in both the adult pay of disadvantaged adults, and the size of the pay gap for those from deprived families, relative to those from affluent families. Disadvantaged young adults in areas with high social mobility can earn twice as much as their counterparts in areas where it is low – over £20,000 compared with under £10,000 And in areas of low social mobility, up to 33% of the pay gap is driven by family background and local market factors, over and beyond educational … (To read the full article, subscribe below)