Published: 16th Feb 2021

The social housing sector is running out of time to meet its sustainability targets, industry experts have warned.  In a survey conducted by Wienenerberger of 150 decision-makers who are involved in the specification of building materials, 88% agreed that the sector cannot afford to wait for the pending Decarbonisation Fund and Decent Homes Standard. The survey explored several key issues facing the social housing sector, including the housing shortage, sustainability and building quality. It found that the sector is in desperate need of support and guidance if it is to overcome these challenges. Clear guidance was expected to be included in the Social Housing Whitepaper which was released late last year, but according to the survey it failed to clarify a number of key details the sector was waiting on. When asked when the sector would need this guidance by, a quarter said that it was too late. 26% said … (To read the full article, subscribe below)