Published: 11th Apr 2018

A social enterprise has been chosen to operate the ‘M1′, the longest bus route in Bristol. Bristol Community Transport (BCT) started running four mainstream bus services in the city last year, under contract to the council. The social enterprise already operates the biggest community transport network in Bristol, including minibus hires, transport for individuals and community buses. It says it will reinvest profits made from the new bus route into community projects and transport improvements. BCT also announced it will spend £7m on 21 ‘biogas’ buses which are fuelled by food waste and municipal sewage. Biogas uses anaerobic digestion, which captures methane emitted from the digestion process, treats it and turns it into fuel. More than half of biogas consists of methane and 30–45% is carbon dioxide. It also contains small volumes of water vapour, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide. A 2016 report revealed that CO2 emissions in buses fuelled by natural … (To read the full article, subscribe below)