Published: 26th Mar 2009

The Social Enterprise Coalition (SEC) was in Luton this week to host an event for Black and Minority Ethnic Communities aimed at promoting the opportunities presented by social enterprise. Inevitably, there was a lot of discussion about the role social enterprise can play in facilitating the economic recovery and the potential for BAME communities to contribute to that. A 2008 survey found that there are significantly higher levels of social entrepreneurship among BAME communities than among White communities and SEC is eager to connect that entrepreneurial activity with social enterprise business models. Tuesday’s event was very much a call to action. Jonathan Bland, CEO of the Social Enterprise Coalition, made the point early on when he said in the opening plenary that ‘ignorance is our enemy’. And this was quickly followed by a challenge from Margaret Moran MP, back on home turf as the parliamentary representative for Luton South, who … (To read the full article, subscribe below)