Published: 15th Feb 2011

Amid the doom and gloom there are positive signs for regeneration in Wales, argues Dave Adamson Although the detail of the comprehensive spending review and the Welsh Assembly Government’s budgetary response is slightly better than the most feared scenarios, we nevertheless face a period of extreme austerity and restrictions on public expenditure. For regeneration, the headline was the 41% reduction in capital expenditure in Wales, higher than both Northern Ireland and Scotland. Clearly, large scale regeneration is highly dependent on capital expenditure and there will inevitably be a significant impact on projects throughout Wales in the next few years. Of equal concern was the scrapping of the defence training facility at St Athans and the prospect of a Severn Barrage. Continued uncertainty over the electrification of the Swansea to Paddington line also underlines the loss of the employment and economic development potential of such major projects. Concerns inevitably turn to … (To read the full article, subscribe below)