Published: 15th Jan 2018

Resonance has responded to the funding gap for smaller charities and social enterprises with its first ‘permanent capital’ investment into Hollywell Housing Trust, a social landlord housing vulnerable people in the south west. The social impact investor has invested £40,000 in the charity, which offers a housing and tenancy management service for people with learning disabilities and autism. ‘Permanent capital’ provides investment to social enterprises and charities wanting to scale up but locked out of mainstream investment due to their size or the risk of taking on debt. It involves a loan for which there is no initial interest payable or fixed repayment date set, allowing the organisation to use the investment to develop their trading activity without the pressure of fixed interest and capital repayment obligations. Instead, a share of the enterprise’s revenue is paid once those revenues reach a pre-agreed level, at which point the enterprise should be … (To read the full article, subscribe below)