Published: 29th Jan 2015

Today sees the launch of the What Works Centre for Local Economic Growth’s report into estate renewal. The essential conclusion is that: Estate renewal programmes generally do what they say on the tin – they make houses warmer, shared spaces more attractive and corners less inviting to criminality. What they don’t do (yet, at least – we’ll get into that shortly) is improve wider economic and social conditions. Henry Overman and his team found virtually no evidence that estate renewal increases earnings or employment, or improves the education, health and general well-being of the community. There is very, very limited academic-standard evidence on the impact of estate renewal Let’s take these points in order before thinking about the response to them. In one sense, we shouldn’t be surprised by the first conclusion. Estate renewal, in its narrowest definition, is about bricks and mortar improvements. Historically, estate renewal interventions were focused … (To read the full article, subscribe below)