Published: 10th Jan 2020

Sheffield City Council is set to approve plans to invest £500m over the next five years to improve council housing and build new affordable homes.  Last year Sheffield Council committed to providing 1,600 new council homes by 2023, this year this figure has been extended by an additional 1,500 homes in the next ten years. The additional council homes will include a wider range of housing types, such as Older Persons Independent Living with Care, homes for younger people and families and homes for people with specific needs including learning disabilities. The main priority of the investment will be to improve the existing council homes, making sure that the existing homes remain safe, modern and warm. This investment will be funded through tenant rents and borrowing, the government is allowing the councils to increase rents, which will mean an average increase of 2.7% or £1.98 a week for Sheffield tenants. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)