Published: 18th Jan 2018

Politicians should stop using economic growth as a ‘blunt’ measure of success and instead focus on tackling inequality, poverty and the environment, according to a new report. Called Escaping Growth Dependency, the report will be launched at the House of Commons later today by the Positive Money campaign group. It argues that governments are often judged on their ability to deliver economic growth, but that it is becoming clear since the 2008 financial crash that such growth has been harder to produce. ‘Despite governments’ determination to pursue growth at all costs, low growth and low productivity persist, suggesting that deeper structural issues are at play,’ the report states. It also warns that continued economic growth is ‘ecologically unsustainable’ and that the current monetary system is one of the key barriers to creating an economy that ‘fits within the limits of nature’. Speaking to New Start, the report’s co-author, Fran Boait, … (To read the full article, subscribe below)