Published: 29th Sep 2009

Having spent a year or so at Forth Sector I have come to two conclusions: social enterprises don’t really exist and our social firms have no future. At this point I should go home, but you deserve an explanation.Why do I think social enterprises don’t exist? A social enterprise has no legal status. You can’t register one. There are no Companies House, Inland Revenue or OSCR rules governing one. Notwithstanding CICs and other structures, most so-called social enterprises are in fact charities, some for legitimate reasons and others as a financial or political expedient, like social housing or independent schools. Social enterprise commentators like to include these because they make the sector seem huge, £27bn a year was one figure I saw quoted; yeah right! The truth is without these big players the sector is an economic minnow.As Dorothy, in the Wizard of Oz steps on to the Yellow Brick … (To read the full article, subscribe below)