Published: 7th Feb 2018

Many health commissioners would like to use community development to boost health on their patch but don’t know where to start. A new handbook by Gabriel Chanan and Brian Fisher offers a step-by-step guide. Community development (CD) can be a confusing and contested field, overlapping with newer concepts such as asset based approaches and health creation. Different practitioners swear by different methods, and it is often unclear how results can be assessed. Additionally, the demise of national CD umbrella groups in England during austerity has left few visible sources of authoritative guidance. At the same time, new conditions and policies in health and care demand some rethinking of CD experience. Drawing on wide sources, we therefore set out to reframe how CD should be applied in the health and care field now. The result is our handbook, Commissioning Community Development for Health, just published by the Coalition for Collaborative Care. … (To read the full article, subscribe below)