Published: 30th Apr 2018

Older and retired people are increasingly isolated in rural communities and are often living in homes that are unsuitable to their needs, according to a new report from MPs. The report from the all-party parliamentary group for housing and care for older people says that almost 50% of households in the countryside will be comprised of people aged over 65 by 2039 and calls on housing, communities and local government minister Sajid Javid to restore local authorities’ ability to include affordable homes in every development, as well as encouraging councils to build more bungalows which better serve older people. The report also said that councils should be able to withhold the right to buy ‘in areas where replacement development is highly constrained’ and also recommends that councils ensure provision of new homes for pensioners through small village developments with ‘six bungalows on an unused scrap of land’ or larger scale retirement … (To read the full article, subscribe below)