Published: 6th Mar 2018

Only one in five citizens believe they have any influence over key economic decisions, according to a new report. The Building a Public Culture of Economics report, which is published today by the RSA warns of an ‘economic democracy deficit’ and calls for ‘double devolution’ to help restore public trust. A survey by the RSA and Populus for the report shows just 22% of people believe they influence central government’s economic policy, while 33% believe they have ‘a lot of’ or a ‘little’ influence over economic decisions made by councils. North East residents reported the most influence in the UK over local councils (42%) but the least over central government (13%), while just 9% of people in the South West feel they have any influence over local high street banks. The report also shows few people think they have any influence over Brexit, despite the vote to ‘take back control’ … (To read the full article, subscribe below)