Published: 11th Jul 2011

They didn’t work particularly well last time, will it be any different this time? Rupert Greenhalgh argues the new generation of enterprise zones need a more intelligent approach Much has recently been written about enterprise zones, from a replay of the lessons learnt in the 1980s Enterprise Zone Experiment Evaluation, to more contemporary views expressed by a range of think tanks. I’m not going to repeat the full details here, as it will be familiar territory for many of you. Instead I will summarise some of the main lessons; and then move on to discuss a few things which, for me, suggest that enterprise zones will not be the ‘golden goose’ which so many areas will rely upon for success in the brave world of ‘new’ economic development. The 1980s enterprise zones were expensive in terms of costs and benefits. The cost to the public sector was a mix of … (To read the full article, subscribe below)