Published: 16th May 2011

Fed up with traffic-choked streets, local people in an area of north-west London have drawn up a vision for improving their neighbourhood. Scott Elliot Adams describes how Harlesden’s town charter came about Harlesden is urban London. It’s hard, full of traffic and has an infamous reputation based on its past. But it’s also vibrant, and full of passionate residents longing to realise the area’s true potential. It actually compares well with many other places throughout the country. There is a commercial and civic heart. Many shops are locally owned, some drawing customers in from miles around. Surrounding terraced streets are often tree-lined. There’s a nearby park. And while there’s accessible public transport, others prefer driving their own cars. Too many cars cause disruption, and the situation is made worse by poor enforcement of parking and loading bay rules. This place has all the problems of any urban neighbourhood. How do … (To read the full article, subscribe below)