A new book has been published to help organisations understand the ‘rollercoaster’ ride of setting up a community energy project. Community Energy: A guide to community-based renewable-energy projects has been written by Gordon Cowtan and looks at the history of community energy in the UK and examines which projects have been successful and unsuccessful. Mr Cowtan was one of the founders of the Fintry Development Trust, set up in 2007 to help make local residents in the Scottish village reduce their energy use and tackle other issues like fuel poverty. He said the trust launched one of the first shared ownership schemes with a commercial wind farm in the country, through an agreement with Earlsburn Wind Farm. ‘We in effect own part of the wind farm,’ said Mr Cowtan. ‘The electricity it generates goes into the grid and that creates an income, which we use for other projects in the … (To read the full article, subscribe below)


Jamie Hailstone is senior reporter – NewStart