Published: 5th Nov 2020

A former chief executive of Wickes and Iceland has claimed town centres will be car free by 2050. Speaking in front of the homes, communities and local government select committee earlier this week (2 November), William Grimsey said ‘we need town centres that are going to be carless’. ‘We are obsessed with car parking,’ he told MPs. ‘We should forget it. It is not important. By 2050 there will not be cars inside towns, so we should start planning for it now.’ Mr Grimsey was behind a report published in June, which called for called for communities to be given a say in how high streets are designed and which businesses are allowed to trade there. The report added that towns and cities must no longer be designed around the car and the creation of 20-minute neighbourhoods where people are able to get all the services they need within a short … (To read the full article, subscribe below)